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The older units installed in buildings where designed as they should have been. With the newer more efficient units, your ductwork may not be sized properly to work with the new units. Make sure your contractor pays attention to proper duct sizing. Having improperly sized duct can result in noisy uneven air distribution causing lowered comfort and increased energy consumption.

Caution...portions of this site are still under construction. Please bare with us until the final touches are perfected. So wear your hardhat and steel toed boots.


New Installation

We can install and design your duct system to match your unit and building.



If your ductwork or insulation has developed holes or leaks or has simply come apart, Milair Heating and Air, LLC has the experience to fix these problems right.



Insulation on or inside duct work is a must. Heat is transferred through the metal and plastic material either in or out of the duct. Installation dramatically slows this process. Also, it provides a moisture barrier to alleviate condensation from accumulating and dripping on other surfaces.

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