Heaters and Furnaces

We install and repair electric and gas furnaces. For professional installation and services, call us today. Don't wait until it's 2 a.m. and the kids are shivering in bed because it 50 degrees in the house, GIVE US A CALL TODAY to come out and inspect your heating unit to give you the all clear.

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Package Units versus Indoor Units

Package Units are usually located outside the building with duct connected to the house. Since these units are typically located outside and provide a warm place for critters, these units are know to provide shelter to the smallest of God's creatures. The bad thing for a home owner is this causes problems with your furnace. Let us come out today to check it all out so your not stranded during this cold winter to come. 

Indoor Furnace fair a good deal better than package units do, but they are both susceptible to carbon buildup and rust. These units tend to hold moisture inside the heat exchangers if the venting pipe isn't properly installed. So again, let us come out and give your units a clean bill of health to get your through the cold months.

Safety First

If you have a gas furnace that hasn't been inspected in a while please call us today so we can come out and make sure everything is running safely and properly.

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